Image stabilization and mosaic construction



The purpose of this work is stabilizing and mosaicing sequences of moving objects. In particular, the project has been developed for managing planar images, although some of the processes can be employed in a more general context. By image stabilization we mean warping images in order to have a selected target as stable as possible on the screen so that one can watch it more easily.

The approach that we felt more natural for solving the stabilization problem was extracting a set of features from the first image of the sequence, and trying to follow them on the subsequent frames: by detecting the trajectory followed by the features, it is possible to reconstruct their motion and apply an inverse transformation, so to stabilize the scene.

An application of image stabilization is the mosaic creation. In fact, stabilization makes a global registration of the objects localized within the scene, making easier to fuse each frame into a unique image.


original sequences tracked videos stabilized images mosaics
Town X X  X
Park X X  X

Active Stabilization Results

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Reference paper

A. Censi, A. Fusiello and V. Roberto, Image Stabilization by Features Tracking, In "10th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing", 1999, Venice, Italy.